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Cloud security can get extremely expensive, especially for organizations with sensitive information and onerous compliance requirements. And even if the dollar amount is lower, cloud security represents a significant cost for smaller businesses trying to grow. How well do the solutions in question work with your productivity suite and other cloud services?

top cloud security companies

The way to approach cloud security is different for every organization and can be dependent on several variables. However, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has made a list of best practices that can be followed to establish a secure and sustainable cloud computing framework. It’s easy to lose track of how your data is being accessed and by whom, since many cloud services are accessed outside of corporate networks and through third parties. Threat Stack provides full stack cloud security observability and compliance for infrastructure and applications.

This can be dangerous for organizations that don’t deploy bring-your-own device policies and allow unfiltered access to cloud services from any device or geolocation. Cloud security is a collection of procedures and technology designed to address external and internal threats to business security. Organizations need cloud security as they move toward their digital transformation strategy and incorporate cloud-based tools and services as part of their infrastructure. CrowdStrike offers cloud security platforms that help organizations identify, investigate and respond to cyber attacks within their network. The platform lets users monitor network traffic, detect malware and intrusions across endpoints, and quickly investigate attacks.

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Does not provide key cloud security features like malware detection and firewalls. Palo Alto Networks provides an all-around malware detection service as well as a next-generation firewall with high-end capabilities. It provides network speed and threat protection due to its streamlined organization. Mostly provides SASE functionality, including branch & user security and corporate applications access . Companies are increasingly moving from traditional, on-premises data centers to cloud-based deployments.

Our solutions are tightly integrated with a broad ecosystem of cloud and third-party platforms and technologies, along with the Fortinet Security Fabric. This empowers organizations to securely deploy on any cloud or virtual data center with consistent policies, centralized management and visibility, and security automation and orchestration. Cato Networks is rebuilding a new network perimeter, in the cloud, protected by a tightly integrated set of security services.

top cloud security companies

Symantec’s cloud workload protection provides automated security measures for your cloud providers and customers alike. The segmentation of Forcepoint products is very helpful to organizations that are looking to beef up security along certain attack vectors. They may require additional layers of protection and oversight where their cloud security provider’s responsibility ends.

Top 13 Cloud Security Companies And Service Vendors To Watch

Other Cloud Workload Protection features include CI/CD security, run-time defense, and access control. It allows you to secure your cloud-native applications and infrastructure through one dashboard. Plus, with rapid changes in the network infrastructure, it’s critical to adapt to new trends and cloud technologies efficiently. Managing the entire scope of your cloud security can be a nightmare, eating up a chunk of your resources and time. A 2021 survey showed that 64% of respondents consider data leakage their number one cloud security concern.

These self-paced courses cover foundational topics such as Cloud Key Management Foundations, and Microservices and Container Fundamentals. The Cloud Security Alliance is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. The workload security platform uses machine learning to “learn” what constitutes normal behavior and compares them with potentially malicious activity. This can notify you about changes that potentially lead to security gaps or additional costs, reducing risks involved in a dynamic multi-cloud environment. Other Qualys cloud security features include Container Security which gives your complete visibility of your container hosts. You’ll get an overall view of your cloud security posture , run continuous security checks, and automate security through REST APIs.

Using an agentless approach, it supports AWS Lambda functions, serverless containers, and Kubernetes clusters with policy-based enforcement of security best practices. Cloud technology keeps advancing rapidly, giving businesses access to faster, cheaper, and more robust cloud storage and application capabilities. Unfortunately, hackers are also getting more innovative, and it’s becoming increasingly easy for them to find vulnerabilities in the cloud and exploit them for their purposes.

top cloud security companies

Protection from DDoS– DDos is the short form for distributed denial of service attacks, which are rising, and massive traffic is directed towards a company’s cloud servers. However, the top cloud security solutions help minimize the risk by monitoring, absorbing, and dispersing DDoS attacks for data loss prevention. Different types of methodologies that are often adopted by cloud security solutions as a part of their VAPT services have also been explained in detail. With all this information at hand, you can now go for the best cloud security company to secure your cloud and cloud-based business.

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This steady growth and market leadership has helped make its stock one of the best performers among cybersecurity companies in 2022. Zscaler got started with a software-as-a-service product designed for cloud computing protection, but it has since added new internet security and end-user top cloud security companies monitoring products. End-user monitoring is increasing with so many people now working from home. And, with global spending on cloud computing expected to exceed $1 trillion annually this decade, Zscaler is well-positioned to profit from this massive secular growth trend.

It is always better to work with a SaaS security company that has a tap on the emerging SaaS security issues, and new vulnerabilities. You want a tool designed by competent security engineers to defend your own application and to defend your business from threats invited by third-party applications that you use. This list of SaaS security companies should be a good starting point for you in your search for the perfect SaaS security service for your company. In spite of being in constant contact with sensitive information, SaaS providers often do not have suitable security measures in place to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the data. Ensure the pricing range offered by the cloud security companies you have narrowed down fits well within the budget set by your cloud-based company. The company you choose must also provide the necessary features for a seamless cloud security experience that protects your confidential information in a holistic manner.

It should also be able to scan behind the logins and find any business logic errors. A pricey cloud security solution that may not be feasible for small to medium-sized companies. Cloud servers offer a heightened inherent level of data safety compared to traditional servers, however, cloud cybersecurity measures must still be taken in order to maximize protection.

Both have their own set of security obligations to fulfill in order to keep the cloud and the data store secure. Regular penetration tests are crucial for the security of a cloud environment by both the customers and the providers to analyze and exploit the vulnerabilities within the security system. Cloud security companies should offer continuous and comprehensive vulnerability scans to assess and find any vulnerabilities within the cloud system. It should beagle to find vulnerabilities based on known vulnerabilities from CVEs, intel, OWASP Top 10, and SANS 25.

  • Analyzing third-party asset behavior, where data is sent, and possible security threats.
  • The company was founded at a time when the world of work was moving into the cloud, and organizations were experiencing a fundamental shift in how business was getting done.
  • With more information on what risks they need to take care of first, companies can more easily prioritize what to tackle first.
  • Mostly provides SASE functionality, including branch & user security and corporate applications access .
  • Gray box testing or translucent testing is where the testing team is only partially aware of the relevant cloud information.

The presence of majority of key players in the cloud security market is expected to be the major factor driving the growth of the market in this region. Key players, such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, and Fortinet, along with several start-ups in the region offer cloud security solutions and services. With the emergence of remote work and collaboration, cloud computing has emerged as an ally for enterprises. The COVID-19 situation has acted as a catalyst for a surge in demand for cloud solutions. Before this pandemic, many organizations believed that moving sensitive data stored on the cloud could be risky. However, post the pandemic, there has been a surge in the deployment of cloud solutions, thus paving the path for the need for cloud security solutions.

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In 2021 Proofpoint was acquired by Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity software investing firm, in a transaction that valued Proofpoint at US$12.3bn. Proofpoint protects people over every channel including email, the web, the cloud and social media. Cloud Workload Assurance is a differentiator for Symantec, with automatic compliance reporting and remediation, including the ability to benchmark security posture for a given configuration. Compliance is a real differentiator for Qualys, with multiple modules for different use cases, including the PCI-DSS compliance module that scan all devices to identify compliance status.

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The platform offers solutions such as continuous security monitoring and continuous security protection. It directs customer network traffic through the company secure cloud infrastructure where it is analyzed and correlated with outside data intelligence sources. The features of the product include threat detection and response, risk management, cloud monitoring, etc. Trend Micro is one of the best cloud security companies that provide deep security for the hybrid cloud. Moreover, the cloud security services provided by Trend micro is the best choice for organizations that want security controls extending across different types of cloud deployments. Trend Micro’s deep security provides the customers, businesses, and the government a safe world to exchange digital information on cloud technologies.

However, the more interconnected it is, the more value and peace of mind can be gained. Secure Internet access for branches & users everywhere with the same enterprise-level protections as on-premises. Zscaler, among others on this list, offers purely cloud native solutions that you can connect to without having to reconfigure much of your existing architecture.

We are changing the future of cloud security with automation and data so our customers can innovate with speed and safety. The new era of cloud security Mature cloud security practices can strengthen cyber resilience, drive revenue growth, and boost profitability. Commercial International Bank Read how Commercial International Bank modernized its digital security with IBM Security solutions and consulting to create a security-rich environment for the organization.

Moreover, the company offers its solution to both cloud and hybrid environments, which require a new approach when it comes to security logs. Fortunately, those demands are being chased by an eager market, with many investors and companies appearing. That includes many aspects of the cloud, from platforms to detect problems during development to those targeted at detecting vulnerabilities in public workloads. Cloud computing has become an integral part of today’s business world – it is difficult to imagine IT departments, in particular, without this technology. Cloudbric web security comes standard with SSL certificates to ensure end-to-end encryption on all traffic as well as DDoS protection up to 40 Gbps. The slightest mishap in configuring your cloud infrastructure and reliance on cloud platforms’ built-in security to protect your cloud assets can lead to significant breaches.

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The market capitalization sometimes referred as Marketcap, is the value of a publicly listed company. In most cases it can be easily calculated by multiplying the share price with the amount of outstanding shares. The company provides good services, such as strong security and good overall capabilities. The “Human Element” causes at least 75% of cyber breaches, according to a new study by Cowen Research and Boston Consulting Group. Many companies have stepped up employee training to deter ransomware attacks and other threats.

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The Cloud Workload Protection suite is able to identify and evaluate security risks for workloads running in the public cloud. The Detection on Demand capability enables users to apply security controls to any AWS cloud service. In this eSecurity Planet top companies list, we spotlight 10 vendors that offer top cloud security tools. We are helping our partners build successful and profitable cloud security practices to help meet the adoption of cloud. Cyber threat report Get crucial insight into trends in the cyber threat landscape. The X-Force® Threat Intelligence Index can help you analyze risks and understand threats relevant to your industry.

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Cipher, a cloud security company, is currently a part of Prosegur, a publicly traded private security company spread across 26 countries. Cipher brings experienced security consultants to help you strengthen your company’s security posture. They offer a managed incident response, risk assessments, data governance, and compliance services. Cipher is a well-trusted name as far as SaaS security services and cloud security companies go. An increased number of cyberattacks on cloud infrastructure coupled with stricter regulations and compliance rules around cloud services adoption has driven more cloud security spending. Large enterprises are leading the way and have aggressively adopted technologies that safeguard cloud and Internet of Things -based applications, which are highly susceptible to cyberattacks.

It runs the checks continuously, giving your security teams automated alerts about configuration changes potentially violating security compliance. OpsCompass’ CSPM allows for proactive cloud environment management to help you avoid security emergencies and events. It includes a single dashboard, giving you quick access to vital information. This makes it easier to maintain your cloud’s cost-effectiveness, security, and compliance. The OpsCompass compliance monitoring software helps you stay on top of everything you have in the cloud and know when they change.

As part of CRN’s annual Cloud 100 list, here’s a look at 20 cloud security vendors that have taken on management, segmentation, compliance, and governance challenges in the space. Check Point Software Technologies provides cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally. The company was founded at a time when the world of work was moving into the cloud, and organizations were experiencing a fundamental shift in how business was getting done. The cloud offered never-before-experienced benefits, while adding unique challenges for companies of all sizes. And for Lacework, this meant an opportunity to help customers shine a new light on security.



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